What is Journactivism

Journactivism What is Journactivism? An opinionated journalist needs to do something other than write about what they have an opinion of. Basically, if a journalist says that world hunger is bad, he/she should personally aid in preventative efforts instead of just expecting his/her audience to. Lindsay Tingle Honors English IV Why is it an Important Addition to Journalism? A journalist who has personal experience in the field they are reporting on are more credible because of the knowledge they get from being involved. But they then have a personal opinion. But They Have An Opinion Remember, I specified opinionated journalist. There are some fields where an opinion only muddles the facts. In other cases, though, it reveals injustices that must be corrected. She grew up in a Communist country Then moved to America and wrote all about how awful Communism is. Her opinion is useful because people who only study Communism can only reiterate what the books say. Today Both a journactivist and a photojournalist have been on the scene and have personally experienced what needs to be changed. A photojournalist shows us what needs to be changed; a journactivist tells us what needs to be changed and then helps change it. This applies to you, even if you are not a journalist. You affect who gets their articles in the paper and their segments on television Meat Packing Industry